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Ellen DeGeneres jumps the proverbial shark!


Ellen DeGeneres probably one of the most endearing day time talk show host has recently made a massive blunder. Ellen has never been one to shy away or hide her personal beliefs especially when it comes to L.G.B.T. community. The widely popular host has always been open about her own orientations and has in a way been a poster child for the gay movement. Ellen’s latest faux pas involves gospel singer Kim Burrell. During a church service Kim Burrell spoke out against the perverted homosexual spirit. And in an age of deception truth can make you a martyr. So many of the social warriors protested Kim Burrell appearance on the upcoming show.

Now here is where Ellen has (in my opinion) jumped the shark and may have even broken the law. How you may ask? Ok check this, Ellen tweeted out “For those asking, Kim Burrell will not be appearing on my show.” after advertising her appearance. Now how is that jumping the shark you ask, after all its Ellen’s show right? Wrong! How so? If Ellen DeGeneres was having a party at her house she could uninvite anyone she want right? Right, however Ellen’s show is not a private residence. It is in fact is a very public platform.

Since both Hollywood and the music industry are businesses they must follow certain laws. Thanks to the L.G.B.T. community Ellen does not have the right to rescind her invitation for Kim Burrell to perform on her show. Therefor by Ellen DeGeneres allowing her personal beliefs to cloud her judgment and canceling Burrell’s performance, she is indeed guilty of discrimination!

Wait a minute, discrimination really? Discrimination the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, religion, or sex. So yes discrimination. By denying Kim Burrell her opportunity to perform on her show as perversely advertised Ellen has discriminated against Burrell on the grounds of her religious beliefs.

Well its still Ellen’s show she can do what she want. Well not so fast there check this out.

A family owned bakery has been ordered to make wedding cakes for gay couples and guarantee that its staff be given comprehensive training on Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws after the state’s Civil Rights Commission determined the Christian baker violated the law by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex. Full story

Well thats not the same. In my opinion the reasoning and logic is exactly the same. Well why would Kim Burrell want to appear on Ellen’s show if she has such strong views on gays? Ok why would a couple want to force someone who had opposing religious views to make food for their wedding? Does it matter? They did and the court ruled, and if that is the standard then Ellen DeGeneres needs to be held to it.

Now this is just an exercise in logical thinking on my part. But if I was an injured party associated with Kim Burrell I would investigate charges and pursue damages.

Sources used in forming this opinion are listed below
Todd Starnes
Laura Bradley

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