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The Mandela Effect – An intriguing phenomenon that is affecting Millions.

The Mandela Effect – An intriguing phenomenon that is affecting Millions.

How did this phenomenon get it’s name?  From Nelson Mandela.

There is a large group of people that remember him dying while in prison in 1991 but there is another group that remembers him getting out of prison and become president and not dying until 2013.  So the Mandela effect is where people have clear memories of events that did not occur or misremember significant events and facts.  At least that is what you will find if you look up what it is.  Try telling one of them people that they are misremembering and let just see how that goes for ya.  As a person that has experienced many “Mandela Effects:” I have an issue with being told I misremembered something. If you go to YouTube and search Mandela Effect you will be flooded with results.  Mandela Effect has affected every aspect of life.  From names of products that you use on a daily basis to the car that you drive to a movie you may watch.  I heard about the Mandela Effect but could not believe it… even when showed proof I still doubt myself first.  It was not until I was shown The Wizard of Oz.  That was one of my favorite movies growing up, so I remember this movie, watched it millions of times… But I do not remember the Scarecrow having a gun… right?  You just did a double take and said what? Well here you go, here is him with a gun


I know that just messed your mind up if you have not already seen this one… right?  Or maybe you remember him actually having a gun that does not mean this will not affect you.  From what I am seeing it has affected everyone in one form or another.  It is scary in an aspect because once you start seeing this, it does make you question yourself… your reality even.

Here is a short list of some Mandela Effects (just off the top of my head in 2 seconds)

  1. Berenstain Bears verses Berenstein Bears   
  2. Oscar Mayer verses Oscar Meyer  
  3. Sex and the City verses Sex in the City
  4. Curious George = Tail verses No Tail  
  5. Pikachu’s tail = Black tip verses all yellow tail  
  6. Chick-fil-A verses Chic-fil-A  
  7. Darth Vader say “No I am your father” verses “Luke’ I am your father”
  8. C-3PO was he all gold verse mainly gold with a silver leg?
  9. Mr Roger’s Neighborhood theme song was it “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood” verses “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood:
  10. Mona Lisa – was she smiling verse was she emotionless  

That is not even mentioning any big life changes… Like did you know that the Mandela effect is changing words in the written bible… I have an old bible and the words have been changed.

The list can go on and on.  Do I know what is causing this, not really… I have theories but that is all they are… theories.   One thing I do know is I am not alone in what I remember even though it feels like it most of the time.

Now I will asked you to take a few minutes and google Mandela effect and also search on YouTube for it and do a little digging and see what you come up with.  I would love for people to comment with Mandela effects that are not listed here (it would be nice to be able to get a complete list of all changes due to the Mandela Effect)


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