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Gender this!


Ok the primmer for todays opinion piece is (Water is wet, Fire is hot, Abortion is murder). Alright now thats out of the way onto todays rant.

Transgender! Gender fluid! Whats going on? One thinks they are the opposite sex, and the other thinks they have no sex or can change their gender at will to anything they can imagine. An older man thinks he is a 6 year old girl. A kid thinks he can fly and jumps from a roof.

Sorry that was just funny. Now where was I, ah yes. All these things prove “Just because you think it so does NOT make it so! “Now from here on out transgender, gender fluid, regardless of any other mental illness being pushed this week, I will be rolling with the term “Gay Agenda”. If your in a hurry the first 5 minutes of this next video defines the gay agenda and the rest of the video shows how it has been implemented.

I am not saying they said this. They are spewing this crap out of their own mouth. And when you look around you can see it from children’s programing to prime time super hero shows ect.. Also during the daytime on throughout the Late Night the agenda keeps rolling along. From cable to satellite, right down to your local stations, all of it is corrupted by the agenda. They have decimated the typical safe spaces for younger children such as scouting. Now if you’re mid to late forties you have the opportunity to remember but in the 70s when the fighting started over gay troop leaders and then it was openly gay teachers. Then it moved onto public officials and then landing in the pulpits. Pretending to follow God while supporting the very things that very same God finds to be abominations.

Ok check this out. The polls say “4 to 25% of the population falls under the umbrella of the gay agenda, with most having it listed well below 10%”. So even if you run with the highly inflated number of 25% being abnormal. It doesn’t explain why 85+% of movies, tv shows, commercials, and POLITICS cater to the less than 25% of the people. Why?!? Well the answer is quite simple. Like any minority, you want to be in the majority. Now how would you do that? Well here are the 2 main ways the agenda has done it.

1) If you were born before 1970, you have been verbally beaten into submission. Told your opinion doesn’t matter. You have no rights even if you run the company (Baker ordered to violate his religious beliefs and forced to make gay wedding cake). Now the agenda was very slick on how they used the second principle to achieve the first.
2) Teach the children to accept the agenda. Keep it fresh and new with fancy terms and lingo such as transgender and gender fluid. Teach the kids that by force of will alone they can become 1 out of 31 genders. And can change from one to another because you feel like it.

Well I could go off the rails but I’m not going to. Instead I am going hit you with a pearl of common sense and wisdom. “If somebody tells you they are going to kill you, you better believe they will try.” Now having said that let me tell you what I heard in the first 5 minutes of that video. I understood the gay agenda to say,”To all of you normal people out there. The 90% heterosexual, 70% Christian, Hey we are better than you! And to prove it, we are going to make you beg n grovel for us to stop calling you names you bunch of homophobic, sexist, racist, whale scum, YOU! All this while we ASS RAPE YOUR CHILDREN and you if your not careful, Make your sons our Bitches and your daughters our breeding minion, while YOU’RE too scared to say anything. Lay there and take it!”.

From plain speak to blunt truth. How much more of this mental illness are common sense people going to put with? I don’t know, everyday feels a bit heavier. We all grew up with the simple understanding of an outie uses the little boys room and an innie meant you use the little girls room. Now we have big time sports leagues protesting cities and states which put that simple understanding into law. Then look at the companies who support the agenda and *voila* you have your rabbit hole. Follow tunnel A (a.k.a) the money ¬†trail which leads to who’s paying for it and who’s getting paid. What do they have in common? Globalist, Elitist, Satanist the powers that be. Or you can follow tunnel B to who gets the power. This trail flows through the bowels of the corrupt politics landing in office. Discovering that you have nothing to say because the money men do all the talking. Leads to Globalist, Elitist, landing on Satanist and the powers that be.

And did you catch how while you have been pondering those two tunnels they are still ass raping your children. Google these people and their companies, they are not hiding. Stop giving them your money. Protest the government that fund such projects at your expense. Are YOU going to sit there and by YOUR silence allow them to do this in YOUR name?

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