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Rights VS Privileges


I was watching an episode of Modern Family the other night when a comment was made that struck me wrong.  Now the comment that was made is technically right according to the letter of the law, however we all Know how corrupt the laws and those whom write them are. What was it that pushed my buttons to the point of dragging this out for public scrutiny? Driving is a privilege not a right. I have heard this my entire life, and its a lie. 120 years ago if you had the money to buy a horse you could go coast to coast,  no horse taxes, no horse licensing, no government BS. People got together and invented the automobile and made it cheap enough to replace the horse. Now how do you go from the right to travel without government interference to traveling is a privilege dictated by taxes, fees, and licensing and can be denied or withdrawn at anytime. Cash a bad check they suspend your drivers license. Don’t pay your child support and they revoke your driving privileges. Now what do either of those things have to do with driving? Not a damn thing is what. By convincing the public that traveling under ones own authority on the roads that their taxes paid for and continue maintain the powers in charge have placed another shackle around your neck. And I know there are people out there who are having a melt down right now. Not my problem. I am not talking about the personal responsibility if you kill or maim somebody or tear up their property. No I am talking about the ability to find a job with a living wage 50 miles from where you live and being able to make it back and forth. This right is too muddy for you to take a side on, try this one.


The right to bear arms! Protected by the constitution which is the highest law in the land. So sacred is this right that even the founders said this law “Shall not be infringed”! Try it. Try to bear arms as the constitution permits and see what happens to you. Carry a gun under your shirt and let someone see you. The cops will show up and want to see your conceal carry license and gun registration and on and on. Next thing you know you’re in prison for decades on weapons violations. It’s all lies! Shall not be infringed means no background checks, no ccw course fees, no local state or federal taxes, fees, licensing period. All of these laws and regulations are unconstitutional. Now am I saying not to comply with the said illegal laws? No, what I am saying is that it is well past time to get a grip on those that are passing these laws and prosecute them. Repeal the unjust illegal laws. I can hear the arguments now. “We need gun free zones to protect our schools and churches” etc… Or “We need to outlaw guns to save our children!” Yea I am going to have to call Bull Shit on that. You send your unarmed child (not saying children should care firearms)  to school to be protected by unarmed teachers and faculty. How has that worked out for you so far? Now if you believe the government on Sandy Hook one mentally ill man walks into a school with 4 hand guns and kills 20 children and 6 adults and the medical examiner states that everyone was killed with a long rifle within hours of the assault. If that is what you believe, I got a bridge for sale. How much differently would that story of gone if 1 in 4 adults in that school had a gun. Mentally ill man shoots out plate glass door at an elementary school, vice principle and a secretary shoots gunman dead in the hallway. If only we could turn back time. Any mass shooting event for that matter.  If honest people would have been armed, these stories would have turned out much differently. I will go one step further and say that gun laws are responsible for killing children and innocent civilians.


Privacy is a right. I think everyone would agree on that. Nobody wants prying eyes and hear monitoring your every movement. In your car or house you think your alone but those in charge are watching and listening.  Now this right is under assault not only by the government but also by multi-million dollar companies so tonight, when you are making love to your wife flip her over for the best view possible, the controllers will thank you for it. Think I am kidding? I am not. It has recently been announced in main stream media that your Tv is watching you. Light bulbs and dishwashers are listening as well. And with all the illegal surveillance apps accessing your cell phones  laptops tablets and pc’s spying on your ever move.  Trump recently repealed FCC privacy rules  allowing your ISP (internet service provider) to collect and sell to third parties your electronic habits. Your into freaky midget porn, now not only do you know that little twisted fact but so does your ISP and everyone they sell their list too. Jim over at the auto parts store buys a list from optimum cable to increase his sales market. Now Jim goes through the list to see whom to target for his marketing and low and behold he sees your name and that you download a lot of midget porn and sees that you bought a pair of pink panties online that are to big for your wife. Jim being the good ole boy he is shares his findings at the VFW hall. And before you know it everyone in town is looking at you laughing behind your back. Children running in fear as you walk down the street. Your life in small town USA is over. Why did this happen? Because you thought privacy was just a word or a privilege, and you didn’t stand up and say it is my GOD given RIGHT to travel as I please or to protect me and mine or to be free from prying eyes from the outside world. Whos fault is it? YOURS!

Now from me to the powers that be. I have paid your taxes and fees for your licenses and complied with your illegal laws to avoid being hassled and robbed of my liberties. But know this, when you out right ban my rights I will not relinquish them.


As always these are my opinions. I have tried to express them in a clear and precise manner.

FBI tell you sandy hook is a fraud! FBI has Newtown murder rate at 0 when they tell us 20 children and 6 adults were murdered. click here

Trump kills internet privacy rules. click here


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