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Is Hanford America’s New Fukushima?


FILE – Back on July 9, 2014, in this file photo, a sign informs visitors of prohibited items on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Wash. The U.S. Department of Energy and its Hanford Nuclear Reservation regulatory agencies want new legal deadlines to clean up radioactive waste in the central portion of the site, saying existing deadlines cannot be met at the nation’s most polluted nuclear weapons site.

Washington State home to Hanford nuclear storage site (see above) where Tuesday 5/9/2017 an emergency was declared after a tunnel collapsed next to a plutonium/uranium exaction facility. The site went directly into lock down with employees being told to “shelter in place”. Now there are two tunnels in the area, one of which is 360 feet long. And the other is 1,170 feet long. The cave in happened near the juncture of the two tunnels. During the following inspection it was discovered that a 20 foot section of the 100 foot tunnel had indeed collapsed causing a 4 foot wide depression atop the tunnel which later expanded to 20 foot. Now a spokesman for the site has said that all of the employees are accounted for and that there was not evidence of a radiological release. So the official line is “move along nothing to see here”.

In the 40’s the U.S. government bought the site for the Manhatten project and still houses the radioactive waste in those tunnels. In the 1950’s, the tunnels stored equipment like rail cars that had been used to transport fuel rods from nuclear reactors on the site to areas where they could be broken down and processed.

It should also be noted that this site sits near a body of water as can be confirmed in the picture below.

Proof that Hanford Nuclear Storage facility sits near a body of water
This is a picture that is intended to show that the Hanford Nuclear Site sits near a large body of water knwn as the Columbia River

Those are the facts as they are being released.

Here comes my thoughts and opinions on the matter. Now there is some speculation that a small earthquake 20 miles away in registering 1.7 on the richter scale maybe a tell tale sign that the area was hit by a h.a.a.r.p like beam or other energy weapon strike. If that is what happened the government, both state and federal are keeping quiet about it. Have we been attacked? I can not say, however in todays world nothing is ever cut and dry. If you live in the western united states an have the ability to test for radiation and protect yourself and loved ones, now might be good time to do so.



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